A trip through history

On July 30, 1940, the Toledo Flying Club was organized into an educational, scientific, social and recreational corporation, under the laws of the State of Washington. Officers and Board members were elected, the Association Agreement was ratified and the Code of By-Laws was drawn up.

The general purpose of this corporation shall be the promotion of the art and science of aerial navigation and the affording of the Club facilities to the members thereof for amateur powered flight.

The 1932 model Taylorcraft became the Club’s first aircraft. Through the years, the Club became the owners of various aircraft. At the present time the Club owns a Piper Warrior 161.

At one time, before the Columbus Day Storm of 1962, the Club progressed to about 20 members. However, after the storm, most of the members dropped their membership, except for three hearty individuals. Real dedication was displayed as they continued paying monthly dues for two years with no airplanes to fly.

This site is dedicated to the following members

Charter Members Lifetime Members
Arthur Brown Bob Trodahl
Julia Enger Earl Trigsted
Opal Hicks Frank Cook
Neoma Horne Brit Haskins
G.H. Mathis Ray Hart
Edna Mathis
R.C. Moffitt
Eleanor Moffitt
Kemp Olson
Stanley Olson

Although many of the older members have retired from flying or have left the area, the remaining members, both old and new, operate the Club on the basic principles adopted through the years.

~ Approximately 1938 ~

Cecelia Earharts's aircraft in flight. The Club posing next to Cecelia Earharts's aircraft
Cecelia Earhart (Amelia's cousin), teacher and flight student in Toledo, is photographed in this newspaper clipping.