Learn to Fly!

Where Do I begin?

Getting an instructor is a good first step. He or she will likely be your best guidance in your pursuit for a private certificate. We do have an instructor authorized to teach primary flight instruction in our Club aircraft.


What are the Requirements?

Following are general minimum FAA requirements to receive a private certificate.

Min. Age to Solo Aircraft 16
Min. Age for Private Certificate 17
Min. Total Hours 40
Min. Dual Instruction Hours 20
Min. Solo Hours 10

The applicant must also pass an FAA administered written test, oral exam, and practical flight test. In addition, the student must have a medical certificate (minimum class 3) which requires a physical from an FAA designated physician.


Learn to Fly! Contact us today to see how the Toledo Flying Club can meet your training needs and get you connected with a flight instructor. For more information, please contact Michael Messmore (CFII) at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

How Much Will it Cost?

Item Cost Per Unit Total
Instructor Time $25-$35 / hour ~$1000
Aircraft Time $80 / hour ~$3500
Course Material ~$250 ~$250
Tests and Fees ~$250 ~$250
Total ~$5000

What Aircraft are Available to Train In?

PA28-161 Warrior N9702C $80 / hour