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Policies & Procedures

Article I - Reservation of Aircraft

Section 1.01 - Reservations for all flying will be scheduled by calling or logging on to My.ScheduleMaster.com.

Section 1.02 - It is the responsibility of the member scheduling the reservation to cancel as soon as possible if they find they are unable to keep the reservation.

Section 1.03 - Any member who is more than thirty (30) minutes late for an aircraft reservation shall forfeit the balance of their reservation to any member desiring the aircraft.

Section 1.04 - No person shall keep any Club aircraft beyond the time they scheduled. Extensions of scheduled time may be done only if the aircraft is not scheduled by another member.

Article II - Restriction of Use

Section 2.01 - It is the responsibility of the member taking a Club aircraft overnight to have it tied down or hangared at the member’s expense.

Section 2.02 - An ATC or Local Flight Plan is strongly recommended for all flights. A copy is to be placed in the flight plan box in the Club room.

Section 2.03 - No person, except an active member of the Club, a licensed flight instructor giving dual instruction to an active member of the Club, or a qualified person making necessary flight tests shall be permitted to fly Club aircraft.

Section 2.04 - No member shall use any Club aircraft for hire, or shall rent or lend any aircraft to any other person.

Section 2.05 - All Club members receiving dual instruction in Club Aircraft must use only qualified and currently rated flight instructors approved by the Board.

Section 2.06 - It is each members responsibility to remain current and comply with all FAR’s.

Section 2.07 - All CFI's requesting approval by the Board must present to the Board at a regularly scheduled meeting a copy of their FAA CFI certificate, Medical Certificate, and a review of their activities as an instructor in the type of aircraft the club owns. Prior to final approval all prospective CFI's will participate in a TFC familiarization conducted by a Board member including the following; TFC By-Laws, Policies and Procedures, Aircraft logbook locations, Aircraft maintenance and cleaning supplies, Local Flight Plan forms and Insurance coverage which does not include the CFI.

Section 2.08 - Primary student dual and solo instruction will be conducted in the Piper Warrior II N9702C (PA28-161).



Article III - Prohibited Operations

Section 3.01 - All flying in Club aircraft is to be done in accordance with existing FAR’s, state, local and Club rules.

Section 3.02 - Members shall conduct flight operations only on fields depicted on FAA approved charts.

Section 3.03 - Flight operations are prohibited on gravel or sand fields. (Emergency landings are an exception.)

Section 3.04 - Taxiing Club aircraft in or out under power on the gravel to the west of the Club hanger is prohibited.



Article IV - Logging Time

Section 4.01 - Flying time shall be computed for each flight with the aid of the aircraft hour (Hobbs) meter on the PA28-161. In the case of a missing or inoperative hour meter, flight time shall be computed by the aircraft tachometer, member’s watch or aircraft clock.

Section 4.02 - The duration of each flight shall be computed from the starting of the engine until the engine is stopped after parking.

Section 4.03 - A report of the flight time shall be recorded on each flight ticket. Also, on each flight ticket will be hour meter readings, flight time, fuel and oil used. Attached to the flight ticket will be all appropriate fuel tickets. It is the responsibility of the pilot in command of the flight to fill out the ticket.


Article V - Inspections and Maintenance

Section 5.01 - There shall be a preflight and post flight inspection performed for each flight by the pilot in command. Any defects found in the aircraft structure or accessories shall be reported to the Club Maintenance Officer or other Board member as soon as possible. If unable to notify a member of the Board, and the discovered discrepancy makes the aircraft not airworthy, the pilot in command who discovered the discrepancy should ground the aircraft. Defects shall be noted in the aircraft maintenance journal for the information of the other members.

Section 5.02 - Members shall be responsible for checking fuel and oil levels prior to any flight, filling if necessary, and refueling at the termination of any flight.

Section 5.03 - Any member leaving an aircraft to stand shall have the wheels chocked, brakes locked, or aircraft tied down and the ignition keys removed. All doors and controls shall be locked for overnight parking on any field.

Section 5.04 - No person shall be permitted to attach any objects to the aircraft or in any manner make adjustments or repairs unless approved by the Board.


Article VI - Proficiency

Section 6.01 - Each member is required to sign, date and have placed on file, the following statement as a member of the Toledo Flying Club, Inc.:

  • "I agree to abide by the By-Laws and Policies and Procedures of the Toledo Flying Club, Inc. I will not act as pilot in command of any aircraft owned by the Toledo Flying Club, Inc., unless, at the time of each flight:
    • I hold a valid and current pilot certificate for the type and class of aircraft I will be flying
    • I hold a current medical certificate
    • I am in compliance with all Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) relating to currency (including those regulations relating to annual or biennial flight reviews, landings, night flying, flying passengers and, if applicable, IFR conditions)
    • I am in compliance with all FARs relating to the use and possession of alcohol and drugs


Section 6.02 - Due to insurance requirements all members must show evidence of a checkout by a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) in the make and model of the aircraft they intend to fly. A new member must be given a check ride by a designated CFI in the aircraft he or she wishes to fly. In addition, any member who has not flown a specific make and model of Club aircraft within the preceding 120 days shall be required to successfully complete a safety check ride with a Designated CFI before acting as pilot in command of that aircraft.


Article VII - Security

Section 7.01 - All Club members are required to provide for the security of Club property.

  • When flying Club aircraft, secure the hangar door from the inside by placing the hasp over the staple and hooking the padlock through the staple. Leave padlock unlocked to promote easy opening from inside the hangar in an emergency. If the hangar door has a hasp on the outside, it is acceptable to lock the padlock on the outside of the door, but it is preferred to secure the door from the inside.
  • To prevent door wind damage, make sure that the exterior and interior rods are inserted in the sliding doors.
  • When properly secured, the only access point to TFC property is through the Club Office door.

Article VIII - Allocated Flying Time

Section 8.01 - Certain officers are allocated flying time in recognition of the extra effort required in the performance of their duties. Allocated flying time is equivalent to the hourly rate of the PA-28-161 (N9702C). Allocated flying time may be taken only by flying Club aircraft. The Secretary-Treasurer is allocated two (2) hours per month; the Maintenance Officer is allocated four (4) hours per month. Monthly flyable credit may only be taken in months when allocated flights are taken.

Section 8.02 - No more than 50% of allocated flying time may be carried into the next year. For example: If an officer or member is granted 72 hours per year flying time and uses only 22 hours as of year end, they will have 50 hours left, he or she may transfer only 36 hours to be used the following year. They would lose the other 14 hours. Allocated flying time is not transferable without Board approval.


Article IX - Other

Section 9.01 - Personal vehicles are not to be parked inside the hangar or on the hangar apron unless the keys are left available to move the vehicle in case of emergency.

Section 9.02 - Member’s personal phone calls placed on the Club’s phone lines shall be paid for by the member.

Section 9.03 - Aircraft must be left clean for the next members’ flight.

Section 9.04 - No smoking in Club owned aircraft.

Section 9.05 - No open beverage containers in Club owned aircraft.

Section 9.06 - No uncrated pets in Club owned aircraft


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